No-Ha, the invisible handle

No-Ha, the invisible handle

Opening doors, cabinets and drawers

Joakim Products is an innovative Belgian company working in the field of the design and marketing of accessories for interior doors. Our products are registered and patented.

Joakim Products

To lie on the grass on sunny days and fantasize about products that don’t yet exist, but may be useful.
To think about new
solutions and develop innovative technical ideas on cold winter evenings.
To integrate these solutions into products with a contemporary design on other days.

No-Ha 2.0 mini & L mini

The No-Ha 2.0 is a real innovation which is why it was patented. The system integrates door handle and magnetic lock in one box.

No-Ha 2.0 enables doors to be opened and shut without a visible door handle.

The handle can be completely hidden by giving the catch the same finish as the door and walls.

No-Ha 2.0 is part of the No-Ha collection, which Includes the No-Ha Slide for sliding doors, No-Ha for drawers, cupboards and other accessories such as plates, wc handles, ...

(possibility of a toilet lock)

No-Ha 2.0 mini & L mini

Frequently asked questions

How to open the No-Ha lock silently?

You will find the answer on the pdf

How to install the No-Ha mini Nm 938 and Nm 937?

How to install the handle for sliding doors NS200 and NS 205?

Installation of No-Ha products in pictures

What about the door thickness for the No-Ha 2.0 mini?

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